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Create an eHuddle

You have only two steps to complete to begin the process of creating an eHuddle.

Once you have completed both steps and submitted the completed form below, the eHuddle event will be created and your specified LA members will be invited.

Please submit your form at least 1 week prior to the date to allow time for invitations to be sent, read, and accepted.

1. Use the calendar to book your eHuddle date and time.

  1. Move through the calendar to your required date
  2. Click on the date then select your required start time
  3. Enter your details – the booking details will be sent to the email address entered
  4. Click Schedule Event when done
  5. Complete and submit online form below

2. Complete the online form to provide further information

Please complete your details
Please indicate the date and time, as well as the topic for discussion in your eHuddle
Using the Areas of Law below, please tick those most relevant to your topic.
This will allow invitations to be sent to LA Members practicing in that area of law.
Or choose one or more groups of LA Members you would like to invite to your eHuddle

Thanks for the additional information for your eHuddle.

Your submission has been successful.

Your target audience will be invited to attend.