Area of Law: Estate Planning


Panel: Norman Fox, Fox & Thomas, Goondiwindi
Tom McVeigh, Murdochs, Toowoomba

Understanding our family trusts are controlled enables lawyers to plan the distribution on death - if used correctly, family trusts can assist with asset protection, tax effective distribution of income, and the transfer of control of assets. This workshop will involve a lively discussion on a broad range of issues including:
- The importance of a Trust deed
- Control of the Trust - the role of the trustee and of the appointor/guardian/principal
- Control mechanisms - winding up, passing control and joint control
- Beneficiaries - income and capital
- Vesting date - when should the Trust be wound up?
- Dealing with loans and unpaid present entitlements

Download: S3 - Preventing a family fued after death - Tom McVeigh.pdf